Carol Vorderman reveals she’s put on weight but still looks fabulous at 54

Carol Vorderman admits she’s put on weight

Carol Vorderman has a fabulous figure but has revealed she’s put on weight and is trying to get back in shape.

The 54-year-old star, who is often compared to Kim Kardashian after winning Rear of the Year, flaunted her curves in a figure-hugging dress recently at the Grand Prix but says her fitness regime has hit the skids.

Talking exclusively to Mirror Celeb, she said: “I’ve put on a lot of weight recently because I haven’t been doing my walking. For me, I’ve found in my 50s that you do put on weight much easier.

“I could walk for two hours a day very happily by myself but it’s finding the time to do it. I was doing it earlier this year and had a Garmin wristband. When I was in America I was doing about seven miles a day but then I lost the band. Suddenly you’re not doing as much.

XposureCarol Vorderman arrives before the 2015 British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit
Carol Vorderman admits she’s put on weight

“I feel I’ve piled it on and gone up about half a dress size, it makes things a lot tighter. I do still train with someone about three times a week for about 45 minutes.”

Carol had now bought a new Garmin wristband and plans to start walking again to lose the few extra pounds but feels she can still wear whatever she wants.

She said: “When I was 39 I was wearing a mini-dress to the BAFTAs and people were like, ’39 and wearing something above the knee!’ I was astonished by the reaction but you wouldn’t get that now.”

The brainy star also thinks it’s hilarious that she’s still compared to reality star Kim and likes representing “big-bummed girls” who are proud of their figures.

Adrian Brooks / ImagewiseCarol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman has teamed up with MoneySuperMarket

Meanwhile, when the renowned brain box isn’t working out she’s been busy teaming up with the UK’s number one price comparison website MoneySuperMarket to launch an epic driving innovation – the world’s first mind-controlled electric car.

The Car Insurance Epic Mind Drive reminds people about the importance of using their heads when behind the wheel and gives drivers the opportunity to take control of a car on a new and more epic level than they could ever have imagined.

Hooked up to a specially designed EEG neuro headset and a futuristic racing suit, Carol expertly channelled her famous brainwaves to be the first to navigate the ground-breaking vehicle around a purpose built track.

She told us: “I had to drive it just using my mind. The technology is relatively new but it hasn’t been used for driving. It’s very impressive to know how far it’s come.”

Adrian Brooks / ImagewiseCarol Vorderman
Carol Vorderman with the mind-controlled car

Now the public is being given the chance to get their grey matter moving in a whole new way by experiencing this epic innovation for themselves and driving the car with just the power of their brain signals.

Those selected to take the driver’s seat will be judged on the track by a series of variables and Carol says it’s the “ultimate driving experience to test the driving brains of Britain”.

Drivers should go to the MoneySuperMarket website and register before noon on Wednesday, July 15 for the chance to drive the world’s first mind-controlled electric car on Thursday.

You can also check out Carol at the British Grand Prix in our gallery below


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