George Michael breaks silence insisting he’s ‘perfectly fine’ after denying claims he’s addicted to crack cocaine

George Michael tweets his news

George Michael has broken his silence after denying claims he’s addicted to crack cocaine, insisting to his fans he’s “perfectly fine”.

The singer spoke out in a series of tweets tonight, calling the recent rumours “rubbish” and claiming it came from someone he hadn’t spoken to for nearly 18 years.

George wrote: “To my lovelies, do not believe this rubbish in the papers today by someone I don’t know anymore and haven’t seen for nearly 18 years…

“I am perfectly fine and enjoyed Wimbledon like the rest of you. Wish it went to 5 sets though!…

George replied: “Love you too @samsmithworld.”

It comes after the singer denied he’s in rehab battling an addiction to crack cocaine, claiming the wife of a “very distant family member” he hasn’t spoken to for 17 YEARS made the inaccurate claims.

However he has now blasted the claims as completely untrue.

His rep told us: “We refer to reports that have appeared in today’s newspapers concerning George Michael.

RexGeorge Michael on a night out

“Whilst it is our general policy not to comment on private matters, we would in this instance note that these highly inaccurate stories have been apparently provided to the press by the wife of a very distant family member, neither of whom has had any dealings with him for many many years.

“It is therefore unsurprising that they are so incorrect.

“Beyond this we have no further comment to make as the matter is now in the hands of Mr Michael’s lawyers.”

Jackie Georgiou, the wife of the star’s cousin, Andros, originally claimed to The Sun newspaper: “He was smoking crack.”

She added: “He was going to end up locked up or dead. I’m petrified he will die.”

The star’s rep strongly denies all of these claims.

The singer was claimed to be undergoing therapy in a £190,000-a-month Swiss clinic for the past year, according to The Sun, after his family allegedly begged him to check into rehab because they were, and are still, “petrified he will die”, it was claimed.”Lots of love, The Singing Greek xxx.”He then retweeted Sam Smith’s message earlier on, in which he posted a snap of the legendary singer, writing: “Listening to my favourite today.”


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