Twin game is strong: David Beckham and Kevin Hart are ‘twinning’ in new H&M advert

They are an unlikely duo but David Beckham and Kevin Hart have been spotted in head-to-toe matching outfits branding themselves as twins.

The retired footballer and the comedian and actor have been sharing snaps of themselves in matching clobber on Instagram over the past few days and now it’s clear why.

David, 40, and Kevin, 36, teamed up for the H&M ad campaign and the official pictures have been released.

David Beckham & Kevin Hart Are Twins in New H&M Ads

The pair are joining forces for the brand’s Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham range.

Clothes from this season include red check shirts, orange jumpers and navy sweaters with stripes for the autumn/winter collection.

David Beckham & Kevin Hart

On a shoot in New York last week, the pair donned matching red check shirts, faded petrol-blue jeans and even the same weathered brown boots.

The duo were seen interacting with each other as 5ft 4in Hart looked up at Beckham’s towering 6ft frame…hardly twins.

This candid snap was uploaded to Instagram by the comic

It’s not the first time that David has posed for the fashion retailer.

The star launched his own underwear range with H&M and sent sales soaring after he starred in the ad campaign.

But will they be twins in that department, we will have to wait for that one!


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