TV’s Michelle Watt killed herself due to agonising pain from spinal operation says dad Jim

Michelle Watt
Close: Jim Watt pictured with his late daughter Michelle in 2004

TV presenter Michelle Watt took her own life because of excruciating pain caused by a spinal procedure, according to her boxing pundit father Jim.

The former lightweight world champion, 66, said his 38-year-old TV daughter fell into depression as she struggled to cope with chronic headaches.

He said she had lost her spark after the pain became too much, reports the Daily Record.

Jim — who lost his son Jim Jnr in a car crash 20 years ago — said: “There was a problem with her optical nerve so they gave her the lumbar puncture to check for things like pressure on the brain.

“From that point her life was horrendous.

“She was in constant pain and wasn’t sleeping. It knocked the stuffing out of her.

“Her appetite went and the weight was falling off her. She had no enthusiasm — she didn’t want to see anyone or go anywhere.

“The spark just went. She just ceased to be Michelle.”

Michelle was discovered dead last week by her car sales manager husband Paul Kerr, 43, at the luxury home in Airth, Stirlingshire they shared with five-year-old daughter, Jaymi.

Michelle had first noticed something wrong when she started suffering headaches and had a couple of blackouts late last year. She went for an eye test and the optician told her to go straight to hospital.

Doctors discovered that Michelle had calcium deposits on her optical nerve after giving her MRI and CAT scans.

Tragic: Michelle with then newborn Jaymi in 2009 – now her daughter is five

Her dad said that following a lumbar puncture to discover the root of the problem, Michelle became more insular and stopped answering text messages or going out.

Despite taking her in to live with him and spending as much time as he could with her to help her get through it, Michelle couldn’t escape the slump.

He said he was aware the same procedure carried out on Hollywood star George Clooney, leaving him feeling suicidal.


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