Tiger Woods blasts affair rumours as ‘completely false’ amid claims he’s ‘dating ex-wife of friend and fellow golfer’

Tiger Woods has blasted the claims as “lies”

Tiger Woods has denied claims he cheated on his ex Lindsey Vonn with the ex-wife of one of his close friends and fellow golfers, calling the claims “completely false”.

According to reports, the professional golfer was said to be dating Amanda Boyd, who divorced former PGA Champion Jason Dufner in April.

The National Enquirer initially reported the pair began seeing each other while Tiger was still with Lindsey.

However he has since rubbished the claims as “completely false”.

Chris Condon/PGA TOURAmanda Dufner and Lindsey Vonn follow the play of the U.S. Team
Amanda Dufner and Tiger’s ex Lindsey Vonn

A rep for Woods told Mirror Online: “This is completely false. They have never dated and not ogether. 100% false and out of line wrong.”

The Enquirer first reported the pair got together after “flirting on the tour circuit”, and even claimed they’re now dating.

It’s not the first time the serial cheat has been accused of having an affair while dating Lindsey, who he split from in May.

Tom Pennington/Getty ImagesTiger Woods of the United States walks with Jason Dufner of the United States
Tiger Woods with friend Jason Dufner

A previous report suggested that Tiger had been accused of cheating on his girlfriend leading up to the break up of their three year relationship.

However sources close to Woods later told PEOPLE that the couple didnt’ split because of any cheating.

“I know everyone is hoping for a cheating scandal, but it’s not,” a source close to Woods told the magazine.

“There was no real drama.”


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