Katie Hopkins threatened in menacing message from hacktivist group Anonymous after she exposed Twitter hacker

Hacking group Anonymous has threatened to share Katie Hopkins’ personal details online.

The international network, which originated from 4chan, has sent the motormouth a chilling and menacing message forcing her to apologise for the pain she has caused.

In the message she is warned that if she wants to “feel safe in her own home” she must listen to their instructions.

Deseed Polbi/YouTube
Katie is targeted in the video

It is believed the gang are targeting Katie after she publicly revealed that her Twitter and email account were hacked by Phil Olbison – whom they describe as “one of their own”.

The message reads: “Your actions online have been bought to our attention. You have disrespected and abused one of our own. It would be in your best interest to show us respect. Katy we do not forget, we do not forgive.”

“Katy if you would like to feel safe in your own home listen to my instructions. For those who you have caused pain Katy you will immediately apologise over your Twitter account.

Deseed Polbi/YouTube
The video is rather chilling

“You will show positivity to those who are hurt by you. Katy, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, disability – we are all human.”

It continues declaring this is her ‘final warning’ before concluding: “If you do complete the task addressed to you your personal details will spread like a disease through the deepest and darkest corners of cyber space.

“This is your only chance to redeem yourself and you will comply, we will be watching you.”

Katy has yet to respond to the threats.


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