Stripping, panting and unprovoked rage: Helen Wood reveals Brian Belo’s ‘disturbing and unseen’ Big Brother behaviour

Blows: Helen Wood has lifted the lid on why she called Brian Belo a rapist

Helen Wood has revealed Brain Belo’s disturbing behaviour which she alleges Big Brother producers edited out of the show.

The reality TV wannabe, who won BB last year, but who has now left the house, got into an explosive row with Brian, which culminated in her saying he looked like a “murderer slash rapist’ and him quitting the show.

But in footage from the fishbowl that was not broadcast, Helen , 27, who is famous for bedding Wayne Rooney while wife Colleen was pregnant, claims that Brian stripped naked in front of her, hurled insults at her and intimidated her.

Helen Wood.

She also said that in one particularly bizarre incident Brian got up in the middle of breakfast, curled up in a ball and spread his bum cheeks.

She said to the Daily Star: “Brian didn’t speak, he stayed curled in the ball. Eventually I said, ‘What are you doing?’ and he said, ‘I’m a frozen duck.'” I asked what he meant by this, and he answered, ‘This is what a frozen duck looks like when it’s in the freezer.’

“I didn’t say anything , I didn’t want to enrage him, I just found his behaviour the strangest I’ve ever come across. It was frightening.”

Though Helen has admitted that saying Brian, who won Big Brother 8, looked like a rapist was wrong, she also insisted that he is “unhinged” and “disturbing” and claimed he made all sorts of diva like demands to Big Brother…for instance going insane if he couldn’t use hair straighteners.

Other incidents include “panting” at Helen and unprovoked rages.

Channel 5
Helen Wood reacts to Aisleyne-Horgan Wallace return to Big Brother

Helen received death threats after she made the comments about Brian, also 27. One Twitter user said they wanted to “stab her in the face”, while another said: “I would do anything to kill Helen Wood.”

Helen also came to blows with the BB legend Nikki Grahame, whose temper tantrums originally kept viewers amused in the seventh series of the show.

After the Brian “rapist” drama, Nikki ranted: “A bully is what she is and I would hold my hands up in the air and call her a bully over and over again because that’s what she is and the truth hurts.

“It goes to show that she’s not sorry for what she’s done at all.”


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