Jemima Goldsmith is on TINDER looking for dates as she moves on from ex Russell Brand

Jemima Khan on Tinder
Jemima Khan on Tinder

Jemima Goldsmith has been looking for dates on Tinder after her split from comedian Russell Brand.

The 41-year-old millionaire, who was seeing the controversial star for a year before they parted ways in September 2014, initially signed up to the dating app for a magazine article.

But according to the Daily Mail newspaper, she was still active on the site last week and is clearly enjoying chatting to potential future husbands.

Her photographs aren’t what you’d expect on Tinder though, there are no bikini snaps or gym selfies. But this is Jemima we’re talking about – it’s all about the animals.

The beauty’s main profile photograph shows her sitting in a bamboo cage being carried by a gorilla – the costume she wore for her UNICEF Halloween Ball last year.

RexJemima Khan and Russell Brand
Over: Jemima Goldsmith and Russell Brand split

Other snaps show her snuggling up to her adorable dog Sue and celebrating her latest birthday by blowing out candles on a cake with friends.

Her love life has been well documented over the years – she was also married Imran Khan and dated actor Hugh Grant – but now she’s back on the market and looking for love.

Brunette Jemima took part in a Q&A with the app’s founder Sean Rad during Vanity Fair’s digital summit and joked about having a ‘type’ when it came to men.


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