SPECTRE: Daniel Craig looks suave for filming as James Bond meets with Eve Moneypenny

James Bond

James BondJames Bond

Daniel Craig has been spotted looking very dapper as SPECTRE filming continues.

The actor is making his fourth appearance as Sir Ian Fleming’s literary spy in the upcoming movie, and the crew are working hard as they shoot scenes in London.

In these new snaps, James Bond is seen in a sharp suit as he has a meeting with Eve Moneypenny, who is played by Naomie Harris.

James Bond
In other pictures, Craig is sporting a stylish pair of shades and looking a little shift as he moves around the capital.

Meanwhile, Westminster is under attack in the new blockbuster and it looks like SPECTRE may even be blowing up BIG BEN.

In the previous film the MI6 Headquarters along the banks of the river was blown up and the spy organisation used a temporary HQ below the London underground.

But now it looks like the terrorists are making a symbolic attack on one of London’s most famous landmarks.

Filming from the spy’s 24th adventure also saw a speedboat speed down the Thames during a thrilling helicopter chase.

A filming notice sent to residents informed them of the shoot, with Lambeth Bridge being closed to traffic and pedestrians for chunks of the night.


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