Rod Stewart’s son Sean on how his dad taught him secret Jedi pulling methods

Katie Hind meets Sean Stewart

Of the many kinds of wisdom a father can pass on to his son, there is one where Rod Stewart is a world-renowned expert. It’s called how to win the hearts of beautiful women.

Rod could easily write a book on the subject. Instead, he has become a kind of Jedi Master in the art of seduction to his eldest son Sean.

“My dad gives me lots of advice in many areas of my life, including getting girls,” says Sean, 34, in his first-ever interview.

“He says to me, ‘You need to make a girl laugh, charm her, make her feel beautiful, make her feel special and be a gentleman… then you’re in.’

Daily MirrorRod StewartRod Stewart with his son Sean at Glasgow Airport
“I mean… he should know. I’ve most definitely learned from the best. He has given me the secrets of the young Jedi Stewart. He will be really disappointed if I don’t find myself a nice lady now. Although he’s done with getting married… he is definitely done now.”


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