Kim Kardashian switches white for black on gym trip – that booty won’t stay pert on its own

Kim Kardashianin black and white outfits

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind fashion-wise for Kim Kardashian.

Her attire has mainly consisted of the colour white and more white.

But today as she returned to reality post Grammys Kim slipped into all black as she headed to the gym.

Work it Kim

Giving her outfit a little edge she slipped on a black biker jacket – cool Kim.

The mother-of-one is currently trying to shift 15 pounds (which we can’t see anywhere).

She recently revealed she had hired a nutritionist because she wants to cook healthier food for her, Kanye and baby North.

The 34-year-old said: “I just started seeing a nutritionist because… I eat really bad.

Kim was all white yesterday

“I just started to eat really healthy and work out more and just try to change my lifestyle. Especially when you have a baby, I want to know what to cook and how to cook healthier.”

We’re not really sure what Kim is worrying about and she certainly doesn’t seem to worry about her body.

The last week saw the release of LOVE magazine and an onslaught of naked pictures of herself.

In one of the interviews in the mag (there were two) she confessed to loving being naked, and admitted her husband always wants her to look “sexy”.


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