Exclusive: An Interview with Daley Ojuederie

Thank you for taking time out to do this interview Daley. Known to some for his reality TV expeditions and his acclaimed boxing career. We caught up with Daley Ojuederie to see what he has planned for 2015 and how its all going.

The Daley Effect Foundation

Firstly most readers want to know what’s been happening since your Big Brother exit? To be honest I put that show to the back of my head and started concentrating on boxing and opening a new business….
Have you been working on anything in particular? Yes my boxing career and setting up my own foundation helping kids growing up in foster homes and going through hardships.
What’s the big plan for 2015? My plans are to keep raising awareness for my foundation and to concentrate on my other new adventure running my own gym with the Perales family in Hollister, California, I fly out this month.
Are you interested in a return to reality TV? I’ve always thought if it’s the right thing for me and then yes but nothing like big brother, something more genuine where people can get to know the real me. I like comedy so that might be a clue.
How has your boxing been going? Do you have any fights coming up? Boxing is good and that’s one of the reasons I’m heading out to California other than running a gym I’ll be fighting out there too.
Tell us more about “The Daley Effect Foundation”, why did you set it up? TDEF is a foundation to help raise awareness to kids that grow up in foster homes , no disrespect to social workers, but they go get their degree etc and sit there with their note pads thinking they know what that child wants or tries telling them what they want. I didn’t like that when I grew up in care that’s why I hardly talked to them, I used to sit there in silent. But my foundation will come from a different angle, I’ve lived the life, the kids will relate to me, I won’t be sitting there with my note pad like it’s some therapy session etc, I will do things like take them out to footy games, teach them boxing, music, take them theatre and theme parks etc and by doing this they will naturally open up to me because they will know I used to be like them. Behind the scenes I will write up reports and give vital feed back to their social workers and foster parents so they have a better understanding of that child instead of just guessing. I feel very strongly about this and I think doing it my way is the way forward.
Your slogan for your fitness brand is “THERE’S NO QUITTING IN MY CAMP” – Where did this come from?
My slogan comes naturally because like my life my up bringing etc I’ve never given up, even when depressed and down and out something inside me never allowed me to give up.
Charitable foundation MMBF Trust was founded and is backed by a young star, do you think stars and celebrities founding charities is the way forward towards empowering future generations? Yes if that celebrity is genuinely doing it because they care and not just to raise their profile by showing they are doing something good. But if they are serious and passionate then yes because a young person will always look up to a celebrity who’s a good role model.

What advise can you give to any aspiring boxers who might be reading this interview? Training hard, never give up and when times get tough just remember why your doing it. There’s a saying my coach Charles Perales says to me which is: “Hard work Over Everything”


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