Nathan Sykes to pull a Taylor Swift and open up about Ariana Grande split on new album?

Nathan Sykes has admitted that he’s used his split from Ariana Grande as part of the inspiration for his new album.

The former The Wanted star has been working on his solo material ever since the boy band broke up last year and has now been in the studio with the likes of Babyface and legendary songwriter Diane Warren.

Nathan Sykes & George Shelley are seen here leaving The Mahiki Night Club in Mayfair At 3am.

Nathan, confessed the album has been a struggle to make because much of the inspiration came from the heartbreak he felt after his four-month romance with‘Problem’ hitmaker Ariana Grande came to an end in late 2013.

He told The Sun newspaper: “The time we broke up was really tough. The Wanted decided to take a break and I lost my grandad. I was not in the best place. She was my first grown-up relationship. But sometimes you have to go into a place like that to be able to find the best music out of it.

“The most emotional song is about me telling myself not to be angry at the break-up because sometimes things just don’t work out. That’s life.”

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