Actor Danny Darren to make his mark in 2015

Fresh out of his interview with Hollywood Herald I learnt a lot about Kurdish actor Danny Darren and with his drive and passion I think he will make his mark in 2015. The London based star who already has credits in with his past credits including Babylon, Leave to Stay, Trading Models and his new film 1603 film which will be released later this year.

photo 1 (1)

Darren works and writes films that have relevant subject matters. His latest project 1603 film talks of politics and the Halabja City chemical attacks ordered by Saddam Hussein. Danny believes these subject matters are very important and mustn’t be ignored however they must be highlighted.

When asked about his year ahead during the interview Darren replied “I aim to release 1603 film and I have another script ready to start soon which is based on a true story. Yes I have been cast for another big role which is for quite a big movie, it starts shooting end of September so yes looking forward to it”. The actor is keeping it hush hush but he sure has a big year coming ahead.

There has been strong controversy surrounding political films in 2014 and leading on to 2015 with the likes of American Sniper and The Interview taking centre stage due to their political basing, this particular genre as niche as it is will also be very interesting within the future of the film industry.

Darren wasn’t available for comment however Sharon Harris from his rep told us “Danny is working very hard to get vital messages out through his films, we are very proud of our client and we continue to support him in all the work he is doing”


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