TOWIE’s James Argent heads to Las Vegas less than a MONTH after leaving rehab

James Argent in Las Vegas

James Argent has headed to Sin City less than a MONTH after leaving rehab.

The TOWIE star checked himself into The Priory in London in November so he could address his hard partying ways and is now on holiday in America with family and friends.

We weren’t expecting Las Vegas to be his destination of choice, but it seems he’s surrounded himself with good people.

The last time Arg partied in the city he ended up so hammered he wet the bed after passing out in his hotel room – CRINGE!

But it seems his latest trip is a little more low key and he’s been spotted picking up a yellow Chevrolet convertible and visiting the famous Las Vegas sign last week.

The star’s friends and family were reportedly worried about him last year, and are happy that he made the decision to get himself sorted out.

Arg and his dad Martin in Las Vegas

“Arg is the kind of person to promise the world and never change,” a source said.

“This was the only way to prove to [on/off girlfriend] Lydia [Bright], his friends, family and the TOWIE producers that he’ sorting his life out.”

Arg was snapped with his dad Martin posing under the ‘Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada’ sign and put two thumbs up to his more sober lifestyle. But we imagine there was a lot of temptation to get bladdered in the city.

The star tweeted recently: “Having a great Father and Son bonding Trip in America! Good to also catch up with all the @TheMoneyTeam boys @FloydMayweather boxing club! X”


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