Johnny Depp: I’d like to stop living like a fugitive but I love acting too much

Johnny Depp poses for a photo during a portrait session at the Ritz Carlton Hotel
Outlaw life: Johnny Depp says fame means he sometimes lives ‘like a fugitive’

Perhaps this time Johnny Depp has discovered his authentic movie alter ego.

For years, he has thrived on playing a variety of oddballs from Captain Jack in Pirates Of The Caribbean to Willy Wonka. In his new film, Mortdecai, Johnny is following in the footsteps of British comic legend Peter Sellers with his performance as Charlie Mortdecai.

He’s a brash, blundering aristocrat cum art dealer on the trail of a stolen painting believed to contain the code to a bank vault filled with looted Nazi gold.

Depp, 51, lives in los Angeles with his fiancée Amber Heard, whom he first met while they were shooting The Rum Diary together in 2011.

New role: Depp with Gwyneth Paltrow in Mortdecai

You just can’t seem to stop indulging your passion for playing oddballs.

I’m drawn to toying with character. I put a lot of my creativity into that process, coming up with something distinct and a little bit magical if I’m lucky. I’m just glad to have worked with people who’ve been willing to accept my hare-brained ideas.

Your characters like to engage in outrageous adventures. You must have had a few yourself?

[Laughs] Oh, yes. So many things come to mind. Oh God, I could really come up with a 45-minute doozy for you. We’d all go to jail. We’d all be implicated. Yes. I’ve done horrible things in my life.

You’ve been quoted as saying you want to retire from acting. Is there any truth in that?

I probably would quit, but I worry about what I would do with myself if I stopped making movies. I have trouble relaxing and keeping my head straight when I’m not occupied.

There’s a side of me that would like to stop living like a fugitive – having to sneak into hotels through the kitchen or wear hats and stuff – so I can walk down the street and not create a mob scene.

Right now it feels good to be working on different kinds of projects and I guess I’ll keep working as long as the desire is there.

I mean, this past year I’ve played The Big Bad Wolf, the Mad Hatter, Mortdecai and Whitey Bulger. It doesn’t get any wilder than that.


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