MMBF Trust announces new partnership with Great Worqs

International charity MMBF Trust has announced a new partnership with writing & filmmaking platform Great Worqs in which they will offer a £100 prize money and film festival tickets to some of the biggest film festivals worldwide to the winner. The competition is set to open from the 19th of January and will feature this winter edition of the competition and a summer edition.

slider - competition

Announcing the partnership a spokesperson for MMBF said ‘We are glad to be working with Great Worqs who do a great job in supporting writers and filmmakers and we hope this partnership will lead to discovering some of the highest talent out there, I would also like to thank Tope Balogun who has been instrumental in making this partnership happen’

Great Worqs is an online publishing platform, which allows writers to submit content such as short stories, film synopsis, and blurbs and upload it to a single platform. Once a Great story is published to the Great Worqs site, ffilm-makershave the ability to connect to writers to produce a film.Their goal is to help writers make their works become more than words and become Great Worqs.

logo gwThe MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is a UK based charity that supports aspiring pilots worldwide through grants towards PPL,CPL and other pilot training courses and also supports filmmakers worldwide through training grants and bursaries, funding for first time ffilm-makersunder 21 and provides sponsorship for film related events such as film festivals and film award ceremonies.

MMBF Founder Matthew C. Martino called it ‘Another good result by the team’ when asked about the new partnership during his interview with News24.

More details on the competition will be live shortly via


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