Tumi Katisi gives female aspiring pilots something to think about

After reading the story of Tumi Katisi the South African based female pilot who was named Matthew C. Martino’s “Most Aspiring Pilot of 2015” I think Tumi has given female aspiring pilots and female avgeeks something to think about because if she can do it then that means it can be done.

Most Aspiring Pilot of 2015: Tumi Katisi
Most Aspiring Pilot of 2015: Tumi Katisi

I recall reading an article a few years back which attacked the lack of female pilots commercially and the ‘zero presence’ of pilots in the military but as we have moved past the olden days and the world is developing I think now more than ever female pilots have a voice and they have a chance to achieve their dreams – Tumi has shown incredible courage and dedication to aviation and she sure hasn’t let her gender get in the way.

Tumi’s Story:

I started flying on the 12th January 2012 when I was 20, with Loutzavia Flight School at Rand Airport.

I’ve had tough times through my path of flying as it certainly not cheap yet very expense, my mother managed to secure enough money to complete my Private Pilot Licence after having to work and Fly part time to also assist her in a financial manner, today I stand as a 22 year old Private Pilot busy with my next license which is the Commercial Pilot Licence.

22year old aspiring pilot: Tumi Katisi

I was also a recipient of a local radio station 94.7 Highveld Stereo Xmas wish, my friend Beejal Govan wrote to them regarding my dream to receive funding for my Commercial Pilot Licence as she was so triggered in my passion for planes, I was lucky enough to get sponsored by Anglo American and E Oppenheimer & Sons.
In January 2013 I was also sponsored by Breitling SA as they gave me a R79 900.00 chronometer watch to raffle and raise funding for my flying, that didn’t work out so well and I had to find another way to get the funding which I did and can happily say that, hard work pays off, most importantly having faith in what God can do for you when you equally work hard to achieve your dreams!


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