Celebrity Big Brother’s Ken Morley removed as former Corrie star says “turn those negro-rhythms down”

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Ken Morley was removed from the house for using “unacceptable language” – two days after being carpeted by show bosses for earlier racism.

The former Coronation Street star was given a formal warning at the weekend for after calling American singer Alexander O’Neal a “negro”.

But earlier today he made another jibe about boxer Frank Bruno – with whom he previously worked in panto – which was the final straw for producers.

He told Keith Chegwin that while working on Jack and the Beanstalk in Bradford, Bruno liked to play loud music in his next door dressing room.

Speaking before 8am on Monday morning, Keith said the music was played at “4 o’clock in the morning.”

Ken replied: “Oh he used to do that.”

Keith added: “He was loud…”

“Oh very loud,” Ken added. “My dressing room was next to him and I used to wind him up… I’d ring his number, he’d pick it up and I’d say..”

Morley suddenly declared in a posh voice: “‘Lord Fauntleroy here, do you think you could turn those negro-rhythms down?'”

Ken Morley and Frank Bruno ready for the start of their Jack and the Beanstalk panto in Bradford

“He was a nice guy,” said Keith.

“… and then he turned it down,” said Ken.

The actor,71, best known as Weatherfield’s Reg Holdsworth, made the outrageous comment before breakfast today and was duly turfed out at 2.30pm.

After his comments to O’Neal, the singer calmly informed Morley: “I’m giving you some information – it’s just ‘black’, we don’t use ‘negro’ any more.”

Since entering the house in Hertfordshire less than a week ago, Morley has been repeatedly rude and provocative. During his last day on the reality show he clashed with several of the housemates.


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