Made In Chelsea cast away from the cameras

Made In Chelsea cast away from the cameras

The MIC gang don’t stop hanging out when filming ends. Series regulars including Binky Felstead, Lucy Watson and Jamie Laing love sharing pictures of their shenanigans from behind the scenes.

We’ve rounded up our favourite funny snaps of the Made in Chelsea cast spending time together away from the cameras.

It’s clear that the London-based stars like taking selfies with each other. Our first photo shows Binky Felstead and Stevie Johnson practising their pouts on 7 August 2014.

‘Me and ‘Stefan’ @steviej_23,’ Binky writes.

Whether they’re on a night out or having a catch-up during filming, the stars of MIC always document their escapades with pictures on social media.

Lucy and Jamie look very happy as they shoot scenes for the show whilst Sam Thompson, Oliver Proudlock and Stevie Johnson make their way to location together. Aww!

There doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings between former lovers from the series. Both Lucy and Louise Thompson take snaps of Andy Jordan despite having both dated him in the past.

Spencer Matthews is also photographed getting close to Louise and her new man Alik Alfus.

Other pictures in our gallery show the solid friendships that exist between Made In Chelsea cast members. Lucy shares pretty selfies with Binky and apologises for bitching about her.

Meanwhile Binky refers to Louise as her ‘lover’ in a sultry shot of them together. Ooh-er!

A recurring face in our photos is that of Lucy’s adorable pet dog Digby. The MIC pooch spends time with Andy and Stevie in heart-melting shots taken by Lucy.

Keep reading to see more social media snaps of the Made In Chelsea cast hanging out behind the scenes



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