Lucy Beale, Kathy Mitchell and Pat Butcher to make surprise EastEnders return

Lucy Beale, Pat Butcher, Cindy Beale and Kathy Mitchell are all making a surprise return to EastEnders.

They might all be dead, but that isn’t enough to stop the former residents of Walford returning to Albert Square.

But before you start wondering if the BBC soap has completely lost the plot, they aren’t all coming back via some Dirty Den-esque resurrection.

They’re returning as ghosts.

Yes, Lucy, Pat, Cindy and Kathy are coming back to haunt Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) for Children In Need after he’s knocked unconscious by the door of a washing machine in the launderette.

Gillian Taylforth, Kathy Mitchell, EastEnders
Gillian Taylforth is back as Kathy Mitchell (Picture: BBC)

Woodyatt said: ‘I don’t want to spoil it but Ian is really happy to see some faces and completely knocked for six by others but then again I think finding your late ex-wife in your kitchen is enough to shock anyone.’

Gillian Taylforth, who played Kathy, said: ‘It was surreal being back but it was fantastic to have the chance to play Kathy again. Once I was back in the cafe with my apron on and stirring the beans it was like I had never left.’

The sketch will air on November 14 for Children In Need.

EastEnders, Ian Beale
Ian Beale will be haunted by ghosts from his past (Picture: BBC)

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