Actor Danny Darren in viral trailer ‘Enough is Enough’

Since the dawn of time, the Kurdish people have struggled to leave the shadows of their oppressors. It was this struggle that prompted Kurdish born, British actor and author, Danny Darren to create a two-minute short that encompasses the history of the great nation that is Kurdistan.
photo 1
“The idea of this short is to say ‘Enough is enough!’ We will not stand for the disrespect of our nation.” Danny obviously feels very passionate about his homeland. He told us “We have been victims of genocide. Many family lives were cut short. We have a right to protect our own country. The Kurdish people are a respectable nation, we just want the same in return.”
Below is a link to the video

The soldier standing in the desert represents Kurdistan a few thousand years ago. His stance is one of a ready-to-fight attitude. His helmet is a metaphor for the toughness of the nation. When the helmet is dropped to the ground, we see the battle scars that the nation wears as a symbol of courage.

As the soldier shouts his “rallying” cry (we fight for freedom), this is to put the Kurdish people on notice that they fight for the greater good.

As the spear is hurled, we are taken through three thousand years of a nation. We start off with the Median Empire, followed by many great leaders.

photo 2

As the spear turns, time passes. We see the anfal, killings, child abuse, Halabja chemical attacks of nineteen eighty-eight.

As the spear makes its journey, we are brought into the now – Shangal from ISIS and the great battle to save Kobani. The picture ends with AbdullaOjalan as he says “We love freedom, we don’t want to fight.

Following that, a female freedom fighter destroyed her gun when she ran out of bullets. This brave woman would rather kill herself than become a prisoner.

The spear begins its decent and the four parts of Kurdistan that have been divided long ago will once again merge into one great country.

The spear lands on the mountain amongst lovely greenery on a summer day. We follow the spear to surprise the world, which shows the Kurdish flag while the Kurdish national anthem plays.


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