X Factor 2014: Sinitta Reveals That Stereo Kicks’ Barclay Wants Romance With Another Contestant

Time to go all Sherlock Holmes for this one.

Last night Sinitta continued to be the ’80s gift that keeps on giving as she revealed some seriously juicy gossip on The Xtra Factor.

Speaking to the show’s host, Sarah-Jane Crawford, Sinitta spilled that Barclay Beales from Stereo Kicks has a bit of a crush on one of his fellow contestants.

Who is Barclay crushing on? Copyright: [Instagram] Who is Barclay crushing on? Copyright: [Instagram] 

The ‘So Macho’ singer revealed: “Barclay from Stereo Kicks is trying to get someone in the house to dump her boyfriend to be with him.”

But unfortunately for us, that’s where the gossip ends as she refused to tell who the mystery lady was, although she did hint that she would tell all if the woman in question did dump the boyfriend.

For the record, we have no idea how or why Sinitta would know any of this, but we do see her as a kind of all-knowing X Factor oracle and so take what she is saying as gospel.

The real question is why WOULDN'T Sinitta know? Copyright: [Splash] The real question is why WOULDN’T Sinitta know? Copyright: [Splash] 

So, who is the girl that Barclay is crushing on?

Let’s do some investigating.

It sounded very much as though the girl is still going to be in the house this week, so goodbye Chloe Jasmine and Stephanie Nala.

That leaves Lola Saunders, Lauren Platt, Fleur East, and Only The Young’s Betsy Blue English, and Parisa Tarjomani.

Although Barclay seems pretty close to OTY’s Betsy, his bandmate Jake Sims has already admitted that he fancies her, and Casey has also shared a crush on Parisa.

Barclay and Betsy are close, but we are still eliminating her. Copyright: [Instagram] Barclay and Betsy are close, but we are still eliminating her. Copyright: [Instagram] 

Pursuing either of them would break the first rule of bromance, so we’re going to go ahead and eliminate them from the equation.

18-year-old Barclay also seems a little bit too young for 26-year-old Fleur, so we will rule her out for now but we’re not saying it’s impossible.

After all, X Factor has been breaking age boundaries ever since 2010 with Harry Styles and Caroline Flack’s BIZARRE and slightly inappropriate relationship.

Anything can happen.


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