Prince William’s warning to paparazzi

Prince William and Duchess Catherine© Bang Showbiz Prince William and Duchess Catherine

Prince William and Duchess Catherine Britain’s Prince William has warned paparazzi about “harrassing” his baby son.Lawyers acting for the Duke of Cambridge have written to two photographers, requesting that they do not trail his 14-month-old son whilst the nanny takes him out for walks through London parks.A spokesman for the royal couple said: “They are obviously concerned. [The men had] over a period of time established a pattern of behaviour that we think amounts to harassment of Prince George and of his nanny.”It’s more the fundamental weirdness of two grown men following a 14-month-old baby around London that we’re concerned about.”The issue is particularly important for the Prince, – who has George with Duchess Catherine – as his mother, Princess Diana, was killed alongside her lover Dodi al-Fayed in 1997.

Their limousine crashed into a tunnel wall in Paris whilst the couple were trying to escape from a group of photographers.Prince William, 32, – who is second in line to the throne – and Duchess Catherine, 31, hope that their son can live a life away from the spotlight.The spokesman added: “They want Prince George to lead as ordinary a life as possible as a child and he obviously can’t do that if people are going to parks where children play and taking pictures of him.”The couple’s lawyers believe some of the pictures taken by these photographers have appeared in publications across Europe.It is not the first time the couple – who got married in 2011 at Westminster Abbey – have complained about being harrassed, after photographs of the Duchess topless were taken during their holiday to France and subsequently published in European magazines.


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